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They aren't devotees of exercise but do enjoy sports. People born on February 14 are interested in careers that don't demand too much time and effort. Money is another matter.

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Even those who don't have financial resources behave as though they were born to the silk. Credit card bills can be a problem if they aren't careful. February 14 natives are not especially goal-oriented but do have a passion for pursuing their dreams.

February 14 Birthday Horoscope

Their optimism makes them believe that anything worthwhile can -- and eventually will -- happen. If a cherished wish is not fulfilled, they refuse to look at it as a failure or setback; they find another dream to chase. Jill M. Phillips is the author of hundreds of articles on astrology as well as dozens of books. She has regularly written forecast columns for Astrology: Your Daily Horoscope.

February 14 Birthday Astrology. February 15 Birthday Astrology.

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February 16 Birthday Astrology. The more they seek their personal freedom, the harder it will be to share it with the rest of the world, and this inner conflict makes them a bit difficult as partners and spouses. Spontaneity will give them wings and keep them open for new emotional experiences and excitements necessary to keep their life force strong.

February 14 1982 horoscope and zodiac sign meanings.

Keeping their distance from the outer world is usually their way of dealing with limitations and people they find tiring. As their third chakra gets stronger and they find a way to express their personality vividly and with clarity, they will feel stronger to face everyone around them and manage to steer clear of those who choose to steal energy instead of creating their own. Only then will they be prepared for actual intimacy with someone just as special and unique as they are.

A person born on February 14th excels at being different from everyone else. Their talents will usually be found in unusual activities and places too, and while we might expect an Aquarius to artistically express, this is someone with a knack for mathematics or history, a programmer, astrologer, or an architect, someone to create something in the real world that is to be used.

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To inspire others, they must embrace their limitations and see their true nature as unique and special, even if it doesn't coincide with their closest surroundings or their family. The crystal that fits the nature of an Aquarius born on February 14th is fosterite, in any color available. It is a stone that enhances communication with spirit guides and it will help one understand and receive messages of the Universe. Boosting their mind processes and clearing up the field of thought, this stone will help them avoid unnecessary distractions and make changes to the planned course when necessary.

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  • A birthday gift for a person born on the 14th of February should always be a surprise, rather than something that is agreed on. A piece of technology will do, in absence of other ideas, but be sure that it is something they don't already possess and something they actually want. Although a person born on this date understands the value of antique and old things, it would be wiser to choose something innovative and weird, to inspire their free spirit rather than satisfy their ancestor within.

    February 14 Zodiac Birthday Horoscope Personality

    Buy them a modern watch they will be proud to wear in public, or something to boost their ego in the time of need. Stable, yet open for new things, ready to make a foundation for miracles and create long lasting bonds with others. They are wonderful friends, reliable in the time of need, intelligent and focused on the future. Stiff in their opinions, their wounded ego becomes a problem if their role models share in a deeply bruised emotional world. Distant, cold, and too rational, they might not recognize their own emotions if they give in to negativity.

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